how to connect phone to sanyo tv wirelessly

An Intensive Guide on Connecting Your Mobile Phone to Sanyo TV

Hello How to Connects Friends! In today’s world where everyone owns a smartphone, it is very convenient to connect your phone to your television. There are various reasons why one may want to connect their phone to the TV, such as streaming videos, playing music, or just mirroring the phone’s screen. While connecting smartphones to Sanyo TV wirelessly used to be a hassle, it’s now an easy task thanks to the advancements in technology. This guide will show you the step-by-step process of how to connect phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly.


Connecting your phone to your TV serves a lot of purposes. Sanyo TV allows you to connect Android devices quickly and easily with MiraCast, which facilitates screen mirroring. It is convenient for gaming, watching movies, or sharing pictures and videos with the family. While it is easy to connect your phone to your Sanyo TV wirelessly, there are still some limitations and risks that come with it. This guide will explore the strengths and weaknesses of such connections and provide the necessary information to connect your phone to your Sanyo TV.

Advantages of Connecting Phone to Sanyo TV Wirelessly

1. Easy screen mirroring
💻 2. Perfectly suitable for gaming
📷 3. Share photos and videos with all family members at once
🎥 4. Better viewing experience on a larger screen

Disadvantages of Connecting Phone to Sanyo TV Wirelessly

1. Decreased video quality
🙁 2. Audio may lag behind video
👨‍💻 3. Difficult to connect multiple devices
📶 4. Weak Wi-Fi signals may interrupt connections

Steps to Connect Phone to Sanyo TV Wirelessly:

Step Description
Step 1: Turn on both devices (Sanyo TV and your Mobile Phone)
Step 2: Press the “Home” button on Sanyo TV remote.
Step 3: Select “Screen Mirroring” from the menu.
Step 4: Swipe down on your Android phone to access the “Quick Settings” menu, then tap “Screen Mirroring.”
Step 5: Tap on “Sanyo TV” from the list of available devices.
Step 6: Enter the verification code displayed on the TV screen when prompted on your phone.
Step 7: Your device is now connected to Sanyo TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect an iPhone to Sanyo TV wirelessly?

No, Sanyo TV’s MiraCast only supports Android devices.

2. Does my phone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Sanyo TV to connect wirelessly?

Yes, make sure both devices connect to the same Wi-Fi network to ensure stable connections.

3. Do I need any additional equipment to connect my phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly?

No, both Sanyo TV and Android devices come equipped with MiraCast. No additional equipment is necessary.

4. Can I play games on my phone through Sanyo TV without any lag?

While it is suitable for gaming, there may still be some amount of lag and may vary depending on the type of game, quality of Wi-Fi connections, and phone specifications.

5. What should I do if my phone is not listed in the available devices list?

Make sure your phone supports MiraCast. If it is compatible and still not listed, make sure your TV and phone are up-to-date with operating systems and software.

6. Can I continue to use my phone while it’s connected to Sanyo TV?

Yes. While your phone is connected to Sanyo TV, it can still be used for other purposes, such as taking calls, messaging, or using other apps.

7. Can I connect multiple devices to Sanyo TV at the same time?

MiraCast only supports one device at a time. So, unfortunately, you cannot connect multiple devices at once.


Connecting your phone to Sanyo TV is a great way to enjoy a better viewing experience, whether it’s for movies, gaming, or sharing your photos and videos with friends and family. While there are still some weaknesses and risks that come with it, Sanyo TV makes the process easy and straightforward for Android devices. This guide explores the strengths and weaknesses of connecting and provides the necessary steps and information on how to do it. Start enjoying your favorite content on a bigger screen now!

Thank you for reading How to Connects Friends, we hope you found this guide informative and helpful. What are you waiting for? Connect your phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly now and enjoy seamless screen mirroring!


Please note that the information provided here is accurate at the time of publishing, and the process of connecting your phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly may differ depending on the device or software’s specifications. It is essential to thoroughly read the TV and phone’s user manual and follow the company’s instructions. We are not responsible for any data loss, damage, or defects caused due to mishandling or incorrect interpretations of the information provided in this guide.