how to connect canon mf733cdw to wifi

An Easy and Comprehensive Guide for Canon MF733Cdw Users to Connect Their Printer to WiFi

Hello, How To Connects Friends! In today’s digital age, everything’s getting connected to the internet in an instant, and printers have advanced beyond the traditional cable connections. One such printer is the Canon MF733Cdw, which can be connected to your wireless network in just a few simple steps. If you are facing issues while connecting your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi or don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Canon MF733Cdw printer to WiFi. We guarantee that following the instructions mentioned below will help you connect your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi without any complications.

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Connecting Your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi

Before we jump into the process of connecting your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi, let’s first understand the strengths and weaknesses of the process.

The Strengths

The benefits of connecting your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi are:

✅ Convenience: Connecting your printer to WiFi allows you to print from anywhere in your home or office without physically being near the printer.

✅ More accessible: When connected to WiFi, you no longer need to connect your computer or mobile device to the printer via cable.

✅ Saves time: Connecting your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi can save you time and effort, especially if multiple people share the printer.

The Weaknesses

The potential disadvantages of connecting your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi are:

❌ Network interference: WiFi connections can be unstable due to network interference issues. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have a stable and secure WiFi connection.

❌ Security risks: A wireless network can be a potential security risk, and you must take necessary measures to ensure that your printer is secure from any unauthorized accesses.

❌ Technical issues: In some cases, connecting your Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi can be complicated, and you may require technical assistance to resolve any issues that may arise.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Connect Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi

Follow the Steps Below to Connect Your Canon MF733Cdw To WiFi:

Step Description
Step 1 Ensure that your Canon MF733Cdw Printer is turned on.
Step 2 Press and hold the “WiFi” button on your printer until the light blinks.
Step 3 Press the “WPS” button on your router within 2 minutes of pressing the “WiFi” button on the printer.
Step 4 Wait for the printer to establish a connection to your wireless network. The “WiFi” light will become steady once the printer is connected to the wireless network.
Step 5 Print a test page to ensure that the printer is connected to your wireless network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why won’t my Canon MF733Cdw connect to WiFi?

Ensure that your printer is in range of your WiFi signal and that your router settings allow your printer to connect to your network. If the issue persists, restart your printer and router, and try the process again.

Q2. Can I connect my Canon MF733Cdw to WiFi without a WPS button?

Yes, you can manually connect your printer to your wireless network by entering your network details through the printer’s control panel menu.

Q3. How do I find my WiFi network name and password?

You can check your router’s labeling or configuration settings to find the network name and password of your wireless network.

Q4. What is WPS, and do my router and printer need to have it to connect?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, which is a security feature that helps connect devices to your wireless network quickly and easily without requiring network passwords. Both your router and printer need to support WPS to use this feature.

Q5. Can other people access my printer once it’s connected to WiFi?

Yes, anyone who is connected to your WiFi network can potentially access your printer. Therefore, it is recommended that you secure your printer by setting up a strong network password and enabling security measures on your router.

Q6. Can I print from my phone or tablet once my printer is connected to WiFi?

Yes, you can. Make sure that both your phone or tablet and printer are connected to the same wireless network. Then, install the Canon print app on your mobile device, and you’re ready to print wirelessly.

Q7. How do I disconnect my Canon MF733Cdw from WiFi?

You can disconnect your printer from WiFi by temporarily turning off your wireless router or by resetting your printer to its factory settings.


That’s all, How To Connects Friends! We hope that this article has given you a comprehensive understanding of how to connect your Canon MF733Cdw printer to WiFi. Follow the steps mentioned above carefully, and you’ll be able to connect your printer to your wireless network without any difficulty. Just ensure that you secure your network and printer after connecting them to avoid any security risks. Start printing wirelessly and enjoy the convenience!

If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the process, feel free to contact Canon’s customer support for assistance.


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