how to connect bmw to garage

Welcome, How To Connects Friends, to this informative article on how to connect your BMW to your garage. Do you find it frustrating to have to manually close your garage door every time you leave or return? Do you often forget to close it altogether, leaving your garage and possessions vulnerable? If you own a BMW, there is a way to connect it to your garage and solve these issues – and we’re here to tell you how.

Why Connect Your BMW to Your Garage?

There are multiple benefits to connecting your BMW to your garage. Firstly, it offers increased convenience, allowing you to sit back and relax while your car does the job. Secondly, it improves your security by eliminating the chances of your garage door being left open, which could lead to theft or damage. Lastly, connecting your BMW to your garage has many technical benefits such as remote control, alarm systems, and smart home automation.


Connecting your BMW to your garage is extremely convenient, as it enables you to open and close the door at the push of a button. It’s especially useful when you arrive home late at night, in the middle of a storm, or when you have your hands full. With the ability to control your garage remotely, you no longer have to exit your car to open and close your garage door, saving you time and hassle.

Increased Security

Connecting your BMW to your garage also increases your security. A connected system can send automatic alerts to your phone when your garage is left open, giving you the peace of mind that your possessions and home are secure. Furthermore, it eliminates the possibility of forgetting to close the garage door, which can act as an invitation for potential theft or damage.

Technical Benefits

Connecting your BMW to your garage has various technical benefits such as having one remote control for your car and garage, automatically turning off the car’s engine once inside the garage, and setting smart home automation to enhance your everyday life.

How to Connect BMW to Your Garage – Step by Step Guide With Emoji

Step 1: Verify Compatibility 🔍

BMW Model Compatible Garage Door Opener Compatibility Status
2008-2014 1-Series, 2013-2015 X1, 2007-2013 3-Series Chamberlain MYQ Belt Drive Compatible
2015-2018 I3, 2014-2019 X5, 2015-2019 X6, 2014-2019 4-Series, 2015-2019 M4, 2014-2019 M3 Liftmaster MyQ Compatible
2016-2020 X3, 2017-2020 X4, 2014-2020 2-Series, 2014-2020 5-Series, 2016-2020 X5, 2016-2020 X6, 2016-2020 7-Series Chamberlain MyQ Univeral Compatible
2014-2020 i8, 2014-2020 i3 Homelink Compatibility Bridge Compatible

Before starting the process, ensure your BMW is compatible with your garage door opener. Check the model of the garage door opener and BMW, then verify compatibility using the table provided.

Step 2: Locate the Garage Door Opener📍

Locate your garage door opener on the ceiling of your garage. It is the motor-driven unit that visibly moves the garage door up and down.

Step 3: Program the BMW to the Garage Door Opener🔧

The next step is programming your BMW to the garage door opener. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the outer two buttons on the BMW’s rearview mirror for approximately 20 seconds until the LED light starts flashing.
  2. While the LED is still flashing, hold the garage door opener remote near the mirror and press and hold the open button and the button you want to program for the opening command.
  3. The LED will then stop flashing, indicating that the BMW’s system has learned the opener’s code.

Step 4: Set Garage Door Parameters🔩

The final step is to set your garage door opener parameters. This is done by following these steps:

  1. Find and press the learn button on your garage door opener.
  2. Now, within 30 seconds, press and hold the button that you programmed in step 3 until the garage door opener lights blink or make a clicking sound.
  3. The system is now set up and ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Connect BMW to Garage

1. What if My BMW is Not Compatible With My Garage Door Opener?

If your BMW is not compatible with your garage door opener, you can still connect them by installing a separate universal receiver, which comes at an additional cost.

2. How to Reconnect My BMW After Replacing the Garage Door Opener?

To reconnect your BMW after replacing the garage door opener, repeat Steps 3 and 4 in our guide with the new garage door opener code.

3. How to Connect Multiple BMWs to a Single Garage Door Opener?

You can connect multiple BMWs to a single garage door opener by programming each car’s remote to the garage door opener using Steps 3 and 4 in our guide.

4. How to Disconnect My BMW from My Garage Door Opener?

To disconnect your BMW from your garage door opener, press and hold the outer two buttons on the BMW’s rearview mirror until the LED light turns off, then release the buttons. It will now be unpaired.

5. How to Troubleshoot BMW and Garage Door Connection Errors?

If you encounter an error while connecting your BMW to your garage door opener, try resetting your remote control or consult a professional for technical assistance.

6. Can Connecting My BMW to My Garage Void My Warranty?

No, connecting your BMW to your garage will not void your warranty. However, it is always a good idea to consult your dealership before making any significant changes to your vehicle.

7. How Far Away Can I Connect My BMW to My Garage?

The distance at which you can connect your BMW to your garage door opener varies for each model. In general, it ranges from 20-50 feet.

Conclusion: Take Action Today and Connect Your BMW to Your Garage!

In conclusion, connecting your BMW to your garage is an excellent way to enhance your home security, convenience, and technical capabilities. This step-by-step guide has provided a complete and comprehensive overview of the process. Don’t wait any longer; take action today and connect your BMW to your garage!

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for choosing How To Connects Friends for this informative article. Remember to always check your BMW’s compatibility status and consult your dealership before making significant changes to your vehicle.