how to connect bluetooth to sonos roam

Welcome, How To Connects Friends! Are you struggling to connect your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth? Well, this article will provide simple instructions to make your pairing process a breeze and ensure a seamless connection every time.


The Sonos Roam is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers in the market today. It boasts exceptional sound quality and a sleek design that makes it perfect for wireless music on-the-go. However, many people still find it challenging to connect the Sonos Roam to Bluetooth.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth. We will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the pairing process and provide a table with complete information on the topic. Additionally, we will address frequently asked questions, and end with concluding remarks on the importance of connecting your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth.

1. Ensure Your Sonos Roam is Charged

Before we delve into connecting your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth, ensure that your device is fully charged. An active battery is necessary when pairing the Sonos Roam to Bluetooth devices.

🔍 Pro-Tip: A fully charged Sonos Roam can last up to 10 hours, depending on usage.

2. Switch Your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth Mode

To connect your Sonos Roam to a Bluetooth device, you must first make sure Bluetooth mode is activated. To do this, press and hold the power button on the Sonos Roam until you hear a tone. This tone indicates that Bluetooth mode is activated. You can also check that Bluetooth mode is enabled by looking for a flashing LED light on the speaker.

🔍 Pro-Tip: To deactivate Bluetooth mode on your Sonos Roam, press and hold the power button until you hear another tone.

3. Activate Bluetooth on Your Device

Once you have switched your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth mode, the next step is to activate Bluetooth on your device. Ensure that your device follows the following steps:

Step Action
1 Go to your device settings and click on Bluetooth.
2 Search for available Bluetooth devices.
3 Find ‘Sonos Roam’ on the list of available devices and click it to make a connection.

🔍 Pro-Tip: Ensure your Bluetooth device is within the Sonos Roam range of 33-feet to make the connection successfully.

4. Use the Sonos App to Connect Your Device to Sonos Roam

Everything you need for your Sonos Roam is available on the Sonos app. To connect your device to your speaker using the Sonos app, follow these steps:

Step Action
1 Open the Sonos app on your device.
2 Select ‘Settings’ on the app.
3 Select ‘System’ and ‘Add New Product’.
4 Select ‘Roam’ under the products to add.

5. Check the Bluetooth Icon on the Sonos App

After following these steps, you can now monitor your connection, battery levels, and all the other Sonos Roam features using the Sonos app. Always ensure that the Bluetooth icon on the Sonos app displays a solid white connection to confirm a successful pairing.

6. Pair Using NFC

For Android devices with NFC technology, the pairing process is even simpler. To pair using NFC, follow these steps:

Step Action
1 Place your Android device on top of the Sonos Roam where the NFC tag is located.
2 Tap on the notification that appears on your Android device.
3 Confirm the pairing on your device by following the instructions.

7. Disconnect Bluetooth

To disconnect your device from the Sonos Roam, you can either turn Bluetooth off on your device, deactivate Bluetooth mode on your Sonos Roam, or manually unpair the devices from your Sonos app.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Connecting Sonos Roam to Bluetooth

There are several strengths and weaknesses of connecting your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth.


One of the main benefits of Bluetooth pairing is the ease of connecting to various devices. Regardless of whether you’re using an Android or iOS, providing your device has Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect it to your Sonos Roam. Another benefit is the ability to use voice commands through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The freedom of wireless connectivity allows you to play music anywhere and navigate the Sonos app without restriction.


The main weakness of Bluetooth connection is the dependency on battery life and the range. Bluetooth connection requires power to maintain the connection, which can be a significant issue. Additionally, Bluetooth’s range is limited to 33-feet, which poses a challenge for those looking to create a multidimensional sound setup.

Connection Table

Description Connection Method
Android Device Bluetooth & NFC
iOS Device Bluetooth
Computer Bluetooth
Smart Voice Assistant Bluetooth & WiFi

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Sonos Roam be connected to WIFI?

Yes, the Sonos Roam can be connected to WIFI. However, you need to ensure that the WIFI network and the Sonos device are both on the same network.

2. Can you pair the Sonos Roam to multiple devices?

Yes. Simultaneously, only one device can connect to the Roam speaker over Bluetooth. Still, it’s possible to easily switch easily between devices through the audio devices settings on each device.

3. Can the Sonos Roam connect through USB?

No. The Sonos Roam does not come with a USB option for connection.

4. Can you pair two Sonos Roams together?

Yes. You can pair two Sonos Roams together over Wi-Fi to create a stereo set.

5. How do you reset a Sonos Roam?

Press and hold the play/pause button and the volume up button for about five seconds. Release the buttons once you see a flashing LED light on the Sonos Roam. This indicates that the speaker has reset to its original settings.

6. Can you set up Alexa on the Sonos Roam?

Yes. The Sonos Roam allows you to control your music and utilize Amazon Alexa through the Sonos app.

7. How do you update your Sonos Roam?

Updates for Sonos Roam are done directly through the Sonos app. You’ll only need to check the home screen of the Sonos app for any available updates.

8. What is the battery life of the Sonos Roam?

A fully charged Sonos Roam can last up to 10 hours.

9. How long does it take to charge the Sonos Roam completely?

Charging the Sonos Roam from an empty battery to a full battery will take around 1 hour and 45 minutes, depending on the charging method you use.

10. How do you know when the Sonos Roam is fully charged?

When the battery icon on the Sonos app displays 100%, that indicates that your Sonos Roam is fully charged.

11. How do you charge the Sonos Roam?

You can charge the Sonos Roam using a USB-C charging cable.

12. What is the Bluetooth range of the Sonos Roam?

The Bluetooth range of the Sonos Roam is 33 feet.

13. How do I know if the Sonos Roam is in Bluetooth mode?

If your Sonos Roam is in Bluetooth mode, a flashing LED light on the speaker will indicate that it’s ready for Bluetooth pairing. Also, the device will notify you when Bluetooth mode is activated.


In conclusion, connecting your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth is easy, especially if you follow the steps we have provided. Although there are challenges associated with Bluetooth connection, these drawbacks do not undermine the benefits of wireless music streaming. The freedom of wireless connectivity and endless possibilities make it necessary to connect your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth.

So what are you waiting for? Connect your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth now and enjoy high-quality sound anytime and anywhere!

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Any action taken based on this information must be done at the reader’s discretion, and we take no responsibility for any result over these actions.