how to connect bluetooth to kenwood excelon

🎧 Bluetooth technology has vastly improved our life. With the rise of smartphones and smart devices, Kenwood Excelon has come out with a variety of car audio receivers that have Bluetooth connectivity. In this article, we will explore how to connect Bluetooth to Kenwood Excelon. So, let’s dive in and learn together! 🎉

Introduction: Get to Know Kenwood Excelon

🚗 Hello, How to Connects Friends! Before we jump into the technical stuff, let’s take a moment to introduce you to Kenwood Excelon. Kenwood Excelon is a leading brand in car audio equipment and known for its quality and features. Kenwood Excelon car receivers come in various range starting from a basic single-DIN model up to high-end double-DIN models with premium features. The latest car audio receivers in the Kenwood Excelon series come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity options.🚘

We all know Bluetooth connectivity is essential when it comes to accessing media from a smartphone or tablet. In this article, we will provide you much-needed guidance to connect your phone with Kenwood Excelon. Let’s look into the step-by-step process! 📲

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Connect Bluetooth to Kenwood Excelon

Connectivity can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know the exact technique. This guide covers all the details you need to connect your device to Kenwood Excelon without any difficulty. Follow the steps below very carefully:

Step Instructions
1️⃣ Turn the car on and access your Kenwood Excelon device.
2️⃣ Push the Volume button on the Kenwood Excelon device.
3️⃣ A source screen with several icons appears, select the Bluetooth icon.
4️⃣ Click the pair device option on the Bluetooth connection screen.
5️⃣ Wait for your phone to detect the Bluetooth connection.
6️⃣ Once detected, select the KENWOOD EXCELON device on your phone.
7️⃣ Click the connection option to finalize the process.

Connectivity Tips:

👀 Here are some essential tips to keep in mind for proper connectivity every time:

  1. Always turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone before connecting.
  2. Ensure your smartphone is compatible with Kenwood Excelon.
  3. Try to maintain a Bluetooth connection within a range of 10-15 meters.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Bluetooth Technology in Kenwood Excelon


👍 Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth technology offers several advantages:

  1. Wireless Convenience: Bluetooth connections offer a wireless option to control your music and calls while driving.
  2. High-Quality Sound: The sound quality offered by Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth is top-notch and provides the best listening experience while driving.
  3. Easy-to-Use: Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth connectivity is quite simple and easy to use, making it a user-friendly option even for a first time user.
  4. Seamless Connection: Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth technology ensures the most hassle-free connection with the compatible devices.


👎 Despite the numerous advantages of Bluetooth technology in Kenwood Excelon, it also has its share of weaknesses to consider:

  1. Interference: External interference with Bluetooth connectivity can lead to poor and sometimes interrupted connections.
  2. Compatibility: Some older smartphone models may not work adequately with Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth technology.
  3. Range: The connection range can be an issue when you have to move out of the car and too far out of the range of the device. In such situations, you need to re-connect again once you are back in the range.

FAQs- Questions and Answers

1. How do I enable Bluetooth on my Kenwood Excelon?

📲 Answer: To connect your smartphone with Kenwood Excelon, you need to enable Bluetooth on it first. Here’s how:
On your Kenwood Excelon device, navigate to the setup option, find the Bluetooth configuration option and turn it on to enable it.

2. What are the necessary details to keep in mind before connecting my phone with Kenwood Excelon via Bluetooth?

📲 Answer: Make sure that the device is within the range of 10-15 meters and that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone device as well.

3. Can I make calls using Bluetooth on Kenwood Excelon?

📲 Answer: Yes. After connecting your phone to the Kenwood Excelon device using Bluetooth, you can attend and receive calls handsfree. You can do this via the Bluetooth setting screen, which includes options for “Answer” and “Reject” for incoming calls.

4. How do I disconnect my smartphone from Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth?

📲 Answer: To disconnect your phone from Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth, go to the Bluetooth settings screen, click ‘device,” and select “disconnected.”

5. What if my Kenwood Excelon doesn’t appear on my smartphone during the Bluetooth pairing process?

📲 Answer: Double-check to make sure the Bluetooth on both devices is turned on. It’s possible that the device is either not within range, or the smartphone does not detect the Bluetooth signal. In such cases, it is better to try again.

6. Can I control audio playback on my phone while on the Bluetooth device?

📲 Answer: Yes. Once you are connected to the Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth device, you will be able to manage music and other media from your smartphone directly.

7. What types of devices does Kenwood Excelon support?

📲 Answer: Kenwood Excelon supports all Bluetooth compatible devices that receive audio transmissions, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other similar devices.

8. Can I connect multiple devices to Kenwood Excelon simultaneously?

📲 Answer: No, you can connect only one device with Kenwood Excelon at any given time. If you need to connect another device, you must disconnect the current device first.

9. Can I transfer audio files via Bluetooth?

📲 Answer: Yes, you can transfer audio files via Bluetooth from your smartphone to Kenwood Excelon, provided it is compatible with the device.

10. Why does my smartphone not connect to my Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth?

📲 Answer: Some reasons why your smartphone may not connect to Kenwood Excelon via Bluetooth include incorrect device settings, Bluetooth pairing issues, or compatibility issues.

11. What if I forget my device after pairing?

📲 Answer: If you happen to forget a device after pairing, you will have to go through the Bluetooth connectivity process again to reconnect it to Kenwood Excelon.

12. Can I use Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth devices across different car models?

📲 Answer: Yes, Kenwood Excelon device can work with various car models that support Bluetooth audio streaming.

13. Can I connect my smartwatch with Kenwood Excelon through Bluetooth?

📲 Answer: It depends upon your smartwatch model and their compatibility with Kenwood Excelon. Some smartwatches have limited Bluetooth connectivity options and may not work with Kenwood Excelon.

Conclusion: Take Action!

🎉 That’s a wrap! We hope we covered everything you need to know about Kenwood Excelon and connecting your smartphone to it via Bluetooth. Now it’s your turn to take action and try these steps yourself. The process may vary slightly depending on your specific Kenwood Excelon model, but with these instructions, the overall process should be relatively straightforward. Don’t hesitate to ask for expert assistance if something goes wrong. Happy listening! 🎧

Connectivity Disclaimer:

🔒 Please keep in mind that Kenwood Excelon Bluetooth connectivity and the connection process may vary from device to device. This article provides a general guide to connect Bluetooth on a compatible device. It’s highly recommended to refer to the device’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s support for detailed information.